Papers of the International Conference "Restructuring, stability and development in Southeastern Europe ",
1-3 June 2001.

Anastassopoulos George, Maroudas Leonidas and Rizopoulos Yorgos The Locational Determinants of Direct Investments in the Bulgarian Manufacturing
Bakouros Ioannis Technology Assessment in the Balkans. The prospects and the obstacles
Bitzenis Aristidis  The Determinants of FDI in Transition Countries; Incentives and Barriers Based on a Questionnaire Research: the Case of Bulgaria, 1989-2000
Boyadjieva Maria  Greek - Bulgarian Trade and Cross Border Cooperation: Future Perspectives
Brada C. Josef and Kutan M. Ali  Balkan and Mediterranean Candidates for European Union Membership: The Convergence of their Monetary Policy with that of the European Central Bank
Chionis Dionysios and Liargovas Panagiotis  An Empirical Investigation of the Greek-Balkan Bilateral Trade
Deric Branislav  Regional Development Prospects In South-East Europe Yugoslav Case Challange
Dimitrov Mitko  The Possibilities and Barriers for Economic Relations between Enterprises in Neighbour countriesPolicies for Cross-Border Co-operation
Filipovic Milorad  Development Limitations and Possibilities in FR Yugoslavia
Gedeshi Ilir  The Role of Remittances from Albanian Emigrants and their Influence in the Country's Economy
Giannias Dimitrios and Liargovas Panagiotis  Regional Inequalities and Balanced Development in South-Eastern Europe
Gkekas Rallis and Paleologou Susanna  The Role of the Local Government for Stability and Development in Greece
Haderi Sulo and Hida Sybi  Economic and Monetary Developments during the Transition Period in Albania. A Descriptive Approach
Hadjimichalis Costis  European Political Integration After Kosovo : A Damaged Project ?
Hadzic Miroljub  Rethinking Privatisation in Serbia
Hatzikonstantinou George and Sklias Pantelis  International Political Economy: The events in Kosovo and their Social and Economic Consequences on Serbia
Hedges A. Charles  The Potential Of Entrepreneurial Urban Public Transport In Transition Economies
Ianos Ioan  Domestic Migrations and Economic Policies in Post-Totalitarian Romania
Jackson Marvin  Politics and Transition Lags in Southeastern Europe: Will, Ability, or Possibility
Kamaras Antonis  The Greeks in the Balkans: a capitalist diaspora
Karakostanoglou Veniamin  Beyond Conflict or Domination: A Proposal for a Just and Viable Settlement of the Kosovo Problem
Kavvadia Helen  European Investment Bank as a Force of Pan-European Integration: The Case of South-Eastern Europe
Kolev Boris  The Institutional Functioning Of Regional Development In Bulgaria
Kotios Angelos  Southeastern Europe and the Euro Area: The Euroization Debate
Kotios Angelos  European Policies for Regional and Cross Border Economic Co-Operation in Southeast Europe
Kotzeva Mariana  Regional disparities in unemployment and their imlications for economic restructuring in transition economies
Labrianidis Lois  Delocalisation of Labour Intensive Industries. An Argument in Favour of "Triangular Manufacturing" between Developed Countries - Greece - Balkans
Lopandic Dusko  Regional Initiatives in South Eastern Europe : an Assesment
Margaris N.S., Kainadas E. and Koytsidou E.  Agricultural Transformations in Bulgaria
Marinov Vassil and Malhassian Daniela  Measuring and Assessment of Regional Disparities and their Policy Implications: the Case of Bulgaria
Mark Katharine  Performance Management in Albania: Helping Local Governments Improve Services
Mema Fatmir and Koci Nevruz  Mass Privatisation Process and Post Privatisation in Albania
Minassian Garabed  The Economic Environment in Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia FYR and Greece: A Cross-country Study
Nikolaidis Evangelos and Kirkilis Dimitrios  Regional Integration in South-Eastern Europe
Njegovan Zoran  Structural Adjustment of Yugoslav Agriculture: Transition from Sectoral to more Rural Oriented Policy
Panteladis Giannis  Geography And Integration: The Case of Greece as a Future Image for the Transition Countries of the Balkans
Papachristou Eleftheris, Darakas Efthymios and Bellou Anastasia  Experiences of the Cross-Border Cooperation Between Greece and Bulgaria: The Case of Nestos River
Peev Evgeni  Ownership and Control Structures in Transition to "Crony" Capitalism: The Case of Bulgaria
Petrakos George  The Balkans in the New European Economic Space: Problems of Adjustment and Policies of Development
Petrakos George  Trade Relations of the Balkan Countries: A Comparative Analysis
Petrakos George and Economou Dimitris  The Spatial Aspects of Development in South-eastern Europe
Pitelis N. Christos  A Supply-side Strategy for Productivity, Competitiveness and Convergence for the EU and the CEECs
Platon Victor and Antonescu Daniela  SMEs development in Cross Border Co-operation Region Romania - Hungary (CBCRoHu)
Pramagioulis Ioannis and Kourliouros Elias  Energy Geopolitics in the Southern Balkans
Roukova Poli  Conditions for Cross-border Co-operation in Southern Bulgaria: Kurdjali District Case Study
Sekulovska-Gaber Biljana  The Effects of Regional Integration on Exports
Seryn Vildan  Black Sea Economic Cooperation: current status and future prospects
Skayannis Pantelis and Skyrgiannis Haralambos  The Role of Transport in the Development of the Balkans
Slaveski Trajko and Nedanovski Pece  Foreign Direct Investment in the Framework of Cross-Border Co-Operation in Selected Balkan Countries
Sotirova Ekaterina  Monetary Policy and its Impact on the Processes of Transition to Market Economy: Bulgaria's Experience in the Period After 1990
Stattev Statty  Bulgarian Economic Stabilisation: Realities vs. Illusions
Telo Elia and Hida Yllka  Characteristics of the population dynamic in Albania
Telo Elia and Hysa Bajram  Some Social-Economic Problem of Transitional Period In Albania
Totev Stoyan  Economic Performance and Structure of Southeastern European Countries  Albania, Bulgaria, FYR of Macedonia and Greece
Tsardanidis Charalambos  New regionalism in the South Eastern Europe: Problems and Prospects: The Case of the South-Eastern European Cooperation Process (SEECP)
Vujosevic Miodrag and Getimis Panagiotis  Developing New Schemes for the Integration of the Balkan Space/Environment: First Experience from the OSPE Project


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